Partner Institutions

The Institute works with a select number of Partner Institutions, each of the highest academic rigour, to commission research on the fundamental facets of Bissau-Guinean society – primarily political and economic, but also cultural and historical.

In collaborating with prestigious academic institutions around the world, the Institute aims to foster greater opportunities for researchers and students alike.


Bissau, Guinea-Bissau

Founded in 1984, INEP (the National Institute for Studies and Research) is Guinea-Bissau's national public research institute. It was founded in order to promote studies and research in social sciences, economy, anthropology, modern history, environmental studies and applied technologies. INEP's staff consists of permanent researchers and a network of scholars, both domestic and foreign. Its academic activities include conferences and seminars aimed at disseminating results of scientific research on Guinea Bissau.

Within a relatively short time frame, INEP has built up an internationally accepted academic institution for West African studies in general and research on Guinea-Bissau in particular. International academic cooperation plays a key role for scientific knowledge production in and about Guinea-Bissau which is focused at INEP.