Cabral Institute to Participate in Major 2012 Conferences


The Amilcar Cabral Institute will participate in the United States’ and United Kingdom’s largest African studies conferences during 2012.

The Institute will be represented for the first time at the African Studies Association’s 55th Annual Conference, to be held in Philadelphia from November 29 until December 2, 2012. It will also participate in the ASA UK biennial conference in Leeds, England, from September 6th – 8th.

Toby Green, the Institute’s Director of Institutional Relations, will lead the Institute’s representation at each event along with several of its researchers and board members. A number of papers will be presented at each conference and round-table debates are expected to take place on public policy in Guinea-Bissau.


Institute Holds Historic Academic Conference, Marks End of First Official Visit to UK


The first official visit to the UK in Guinea-Bissau’s history has concluded with an academic conference hosted at the University of Birmingham by the Amilcar Cabral Institute.

The Guinean delegation, which included the President and Vice-President of the country’s parliament, held high-level talks in Whitehall and Westminster, enjoyed a visit of Westminster Abbey by the Canon of Westminster, and hosted a trade and investment conference for British industry.

Amongst the focal points of the visit was an academic conference on failed states in Africa, hosted by The Amilcar Cabral Institute in the University of Birmingham’s Senate Chamber. Attended by academics and students from across the UK, keynote speakers included Raimundo Pereira, President of Guinea-Bissau’s parliament, and Peter R. Thompson, founder and president of the Institute. Dr. Jose Lingna Nafafe, chairman of the institute’s academic advisory board, chaired the event. 

“[The event] marks a turning point in short history of Guinea-Bissau’s relations with the United Kingdom”, said Thompson, “and has been universally welcomed. The countries have never enjoyed higher levels of dialogue, and the academic conference, which also allowed members of the Guinean diaspora to question and counsel their elected representatives, is in itself a significant step forward.”


Guinean Parliamentary Delegation to Visit UK 


The UK Parliament’s All-Party Group on Guinea-Bissau has announced that the first official visit of Bissau-Guinean parliamentarians will take place in November. 

The visit, to be led by Raimundo Pereira, President of the National Popular Assembly of Guinea-Bissau, and Vice President Manuel Serifo Nhamajo, will centre around parliamentary discussions but will also include cultural visits and a trade seminar.


Institute Members Publish Article in UK Press 


Peter R. Thompson, President of the Amilcar Cabral institute, and Toby Green, Director of Institutional Relations, have published an article in Prospect Magazine entitled: “How Britain Can Save a Narco State”

The article can be accessed here: http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/2011/09/how-britain-can-save-a-narco-state/#more-99662



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The Amilcar Cabral Institute of Economic and Political Research is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to its academic advisory board.

The appointees are: Reginald Cline-Cole (University of Birmingham); Mamadu Jao (INEP, Bissau); Walter Hawthorne (Michigan State University); and Peter Mendy (Rhode Island College).

Toby Green, Director of Institutional Relations, who finalized the appointments late last week, confirmed that the latest series of appointments would complete the institute’s advisory board for the foreseeable future.

“Over the past year, the Institute set out to assemble the most complete and esteemed academic board possible in the field of Bissau-Guinean studies. We are privileged to have a world-class board such as this, and we will take this opportunity to advance our research capacity and increase opportunities for researchers around the world.”