Young Guineans at the port of Bissau

About the Institute

The Amilcar Cabral Institute of Economic and Political Research is an independent think tank that aims to positively influence public policy in Guinea-Bissau for the equitable development of its economy and society.

The Institute was founded with the objective of promoting a wider, balanced and pragmatic understanding of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau internationally. Its Board of Advisors is a distinguished group of academics, policymakers, diplomats and businesspeople, with a shared commitment to the future prosperity of the country.

The Institute works with a select number of Partner Institutions, each of the highest academic rigour, to commission research on the fundamental facets of Bissau-Guinean society – primarily political and economic, but also cultural and historical.

It is intended that the work of the Institute assists the public and private sectors in making decisions that better reflect the interests of the people. The Institute operates on a strictly nonpartisan basis.

The primary activity of the Institute is the publication of research work, normally commissioned to external or associated authors, on a periodic basis and in association with a Partner Institution. The Institute also supports relevant events, such as academic conferences and guest lectures, throughout the world.

The symbol of the Institute is a simple tree adorned with the colours of the country's flag.